• Step 1


    Sign up account with Tokoplas

  • Step 2


    Get Unique Referral code from Tokoplas

  • Step 3


    Invite others to sign up and purchase on Tokoplas

  • Step 4


    Have referee give Tokoplas your code with their first purchase

  • Step 5


    Receive Tokoplas Voucher and repeat Steps 3, 4, 5!

Tokoplas Referral
Program Rules

Last Updated : 21 july 2020

Thank you for your help to grow our community and our followers. We sincerely hope to bring you as much joy using Tokoplas as helping customers like you brings us. The Tokoplas Referral Program invites you to share Tokoplas with others, where they will be able to enjoy their first experience.

By helping us to spread awareness into Tokoplas’ unique attributes and benefits, you’ll receive a Tokoplas voucher which can be redeemed with your next purchase.

Tokoplas Referral Program Rules

Tokoplas Referral Program rules (the "Rules") apply to the referral program only administered solely by Tokoplas. By accepting and sharing your referral code or by signing up with a referral code, you are agreeing to be bound by these Rules. Any violation of these Rules will not only prevent you from participating in any Tokoplas referral program, but could also result in the forfeiture of Tokoplas vouchers or other rewards earned through the program and even the deactivation of your account.

1. Who is eligible to be a referrer/inviter?

Anyone may be a referrer/inviter provided they have a Tokoplas account in good standing. Referrers/inviters can be any type of Tokoplas user; however, they cannot have more than one account and the voucher will apply to the Master Account only (applicable to Accounts that have subusers).

Referrers/inviters cannot:

  1. Request themselves as a referee
  2. Create duplicate/multiple accounts,
  3. Claim false fees or charges,
  4. Manipulate details, or
  5. Do anything else prohibited by Tokoplas Referral Program Rules as updated from time to time and can be found here.

If you are providing Tokoplas with the contact information for your referees/inviters, you represent that you have the right to provide that information.

2. Who is eligible to be a referee/invitee?

Your friends, family, and other people you know (but not yourself) may be eligible to be referees/invitees. To determine eligibility, keep in mind the following stipulations:

Eligible referees/invitees for those who use Tokoplas applications and/or websites is limited by the following conditions:

  1. be new Tokoplas user of that service,
  2. meet the conditions Tokoplas has for using the app, and;
  3. Complete the actions required by the specific referral program (for example, completes a transaction arranged through the Tokoplas app or any other action as applicable).
  4. Must not have previously transacted on Tokoplas.
  5. Must not have been referred by another party already.
  6. Must provide the code of the referring party upon the completion of the first transaction.

3. How can i use my referral code?

Each Account is assigned a unique Referral Code. The referrer can share their referral code with people they know but agree to not duplicate, sell or transfer the referral code or make it available to the general public.

Once the referee completes their first transaction, be sure they communicate to the Tokoplas Team your referral code. Once the transaction is verified, we will issue your voucher. Don’t forget to explain to the referee about this program so they understand the importance of providing us the referral code.

Referral Code expire on the last day of each calendar year. If you have unused Referral Codes, you may request to extend by contacting Tokoplas Team.

4. How can i earn vouchers as a referee/invitee

For new users invited through the Tokoplas Referral program, referees/invitees may get a discount the first time they use the Tokoplas applications and/or websites. The amount and form of the discount will be promoted through Tokoplas communication channels but referees are welcome to contact a relationship manager and ask. That’s right this is a double-sided bonus!

For referees looking to become a referrer and invite others to Tokoplas, they can request their unique Referral Code and start sharing. Invite family, friends and other business contacts to start using Tokoplas and receive more vouchers.

5. Termination and changes

Tokoplas reserves the right to change, end, or pause, in whole or in part, any referral program, as well as any referrer/inviter's or referee/invitee's ability to participate in any referral program or receive Referral voucher at any time for any reason, including suspected fraud (including by either the referrer and/or referee/invitee), abuse, or any violation of these rules as well as any agreement (if one exists) between you and Tokoplas or any of its subsidiaries and affiliates. If Tokoplas ends any referral program, any unused or unredeemed Referral voucher may be forfeited at that time, provided we give you 14 days of notice to use or redeem your Referral voucher.

Tokoplas may update these Rules at any time. If Tokoplas makes an update, Tokoplas will post the update on the website and applications. Tokoplas is not required to provide you notice of the update. Continued participation in any referral program after any update will mean that you have agreed to the update.

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